Sunday, 7 November 2010

The perfect sunday to sightsee

Woah what a day. My feet are aching and I'm dying for a cup of tea but there's no kettle in the hotel room so I'm going to have to go without. The clocks went back in New York last night and combined with the jetlag, I've been awake since 4am. I got up at 7 and headed over to Katz deli as planned, where I accidentally stumbled onto a film set, quickly realising that all the people around me were extras. I quickly got out of the way and popped into Katz where I had pancakes, sausage and coffee. As one of the last big delis on the Lower East Side it doesn't disappoint with old-school neon signs and a host of famous faces plastered all over the walls. (It's also famous for Meg Ryan's climax scene in 'When Harry Met Sally').

With a full belly and a warm heart I headed over to the Rockefeller center where I took a trip to the observation deck to take in the amazing views. It was a beautfiul morning so the perfect day to view the city at its finest. Built during the height of the great Depression in the 1930s this huge building helped many local people get back on their feet, providing over 70,000 people with jobs after its opening.

I was on a bit of a high after the epic views, (and I was quite impressed at how easily I got there), so I headed over to Central Park to try and catch a glimpse of the marathon runners. I was in luck and managed to see the runners cross the line with a very dramatic police escort.

I then took a walk through the leafy park, passing the ice rink and the numerous pretty ponds that were so picturesque I could have sat there all day.

I took this picture just because I liked their silly dogs.

From Central Park I took the subway to Times Square where I grabbed a hotdog and browsed around a few shops. I wasn't really in the retail mood, not that I had much of a choice - a retained debit card does wonders for your bank balance.

After the hustle and bustle of Times Square I headed over towards Ground Zero. The cavity that the disatour caused is vast and it's hard to belive that the building came down with so many others so close by.

From there I walked through the financial district and along to Battery Park to take in the Hudson River and an iconic Statue of Liberty. This was my favourite part of the day and where I saw the most 'real' New Yorkers. There were lots of people chilling out on the grass and even more people walking their dogs along the river, and who could blame them with views like this.

On my walk along the river I stumbled across this seating area that was occupied by these little guys.

Tired and pretty chilly I decided to head back to the hotel, so I took a walk through Tribeca, grabbed a coffee and hopped back on the subway. I'm off out for some food at the Fried Dumpling later on Allen Street, so enjoy the photos and good night.

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