Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Beer & Burgers = happy times

Tonight I went for dinner at Spitzer's on the Lower East side and ate what was probably the best burger I've ever had. We sat along benches on long communal tables and the waitress bugged us every 5 minutes for more beer orders, so I kind of felt a bit peer-pressured to binge drink. Oh well, when in Rome..or New York for that matter.

We then went on to a very cool little bar called the Cake Shop, which although sounds very twee, played hard rock and had racks of vintage records stacked along the walls. So tomorrow is my last night in the big city, but I'm going out with a bang in the West Village followed by a hangover and an overnight flight.

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susannah said...

That burger looks fabulous, I want it so bad and I'm bloody vegetarian! Love all the pics from NYC, especially those shots from when you got lost on the subway - you've successfully managed to both soothe and stoke my Massive Vacation Envy x Suzie P.S Can't wait to see you tomorrow, I've missed you chufton!


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