Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 1

So, I've arrived in the Big Apple. Started off rather badly when I went to buy my train ticket from Paddington to Heathrow and the woman at the cash desk told me she had to retain my card. It was a bit of a 'computer says no' instance where she didn't understand that if she took my card, I WOULDN'T HAVE ANY MONEY!!. I like to think of this as the gods of fate sticking two fingers up at me in order to keep me on my toes. "Oh you didn't think we'd make it this easy did you!" I hear them cry.
The train manager took pity me on me and let me on the train for free and I managed to wangle some dollars from the airport courtesy of my boyfriends borrowed credit card. It's still a bit too early to joke about it but I'm sure I may see the funny side in a couple of days..or years. Once landed I spent nearly an hour and a half in the queue for passport control but enjoyed a pretty amazing sunset on my way into Manhattan. In UK time its midnight right now, but New York are lagging behind at 8pm so I'm trying to keep my eyes open until at least 9' o clock. Big day ahead tomorrow so going to lay on my enormous bed (did I forget to mention), watch Dumb and Dumber and wake refreshed for my day of sightseeing tomorrow. Good night.

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