Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Confession time

I have a confession. I have a little bit of a penchant shall we say, for a completely unobtainable kind of man. He is so well dressed you want to go home and change, he challenges the most smouldering of film stars and he is more than happy to have a good old bitch. My confession is that I absolutely love gay men. Not all of them of course – think Will Young, Rupert Everett, Marc Jacobs and that lovely Danyl from XFactor. These men are the new metrosexuals – they know how to dress without looking as camp as Christmas and exude a kind of confidence that I just can’t get enough of.
Over the weekend I spotted two very hot and very well dressed guys outside the Electricity Showroom in Old Street. Dressed in skinny jeans (not too skinny), worn leather jackets and a swagger that made me stand and stare at them for a good few seconds, I was quite in awe of how super cool and stylish they were. (Until they kissed of course, and the illusion was broken).
"Don’t be stupid" I thought. "Straight men don’t dress like that". If they spent that long getting ready they’d end up looking like, well, a bit of a twat really. Forget the rugged rugby type that we’re all supposed to be obsessed with. Give me a well-groomed, well dressed and slightly sensitive man any day. Now where can I find one of those?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I like your style

Gritty soul singer, actress and emerging fashionista, the slightly bonkers Paloma Faith rocks a style that is kooky and cool and celebrates all things English and eccentric. When questioned about her style today on This Morning, she said that she hates girls who talk endlessly about their clothes, she just likes dressing up. I think I have a girl crush!

Bonkers fashion

Streamed live through Nick Knight's SHOWstudio.com, Alexander McQueen’s S/S10 show in Paris last week was set to take his collection to an awaiting global audience. Slightly overshadowed by the looming cameras, McQueen’s apocalyptical Plato's Atlantis collection was set under the sea with models playing the part of evolved sea creatures. Balancing on 10 inch, hoof-like platforms the runway was filmed from a range of angles and broadcast live across the web. It’s a shame that the whole thing was ruined by Lady Gaga’s ego. After announcing on Twitter that her new single would be premiered at the end of the show, the site crashed temporarily. (She has over a million followers) Shame on you Ga Ga!
Images sourced from Dazeddigital.com

Sunday, 11 October 2009


“Our experience of fashion is changing. In these times of instant, digitally-fuelled information, the fashion image is no longer confined to the static world of the printed photograph. Today we are confronted with a dramatic new fashion universe, where photography, film, performance, music, art and technology combine to create an infinitely richer landscape”.
Nick Knight

Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio exhibition at London’s Somerset house celebrates nine years of his incredible website, SHOwstudio.com. Aiming to demystify the creative process of fashion through his pioneering forms of internet technology, the exhibition takes you through a selection of his most thought-provoking ideas and projects.
Voyeurism at its best, expect films of sleeping models dressed for a fashion shoot, voicemails live from fashion week and a rare insight into Alexander McQueen at work. The video room features a truly awe-inspiring collection of films that are a definite highlight of the exhibition. SHEENA IS A PUNK ROCKER shows a topless Kate Moss jumping manically around a set looking a little bit awkward. Her surprisingly intimate role in the film perhaps explains why it became the most viewed film on SHOWSTUDIO.COM, receiving half a million visits in the first 24 hours. MAKE UP YOUR MIND features Maison Martin Margiela’s SS09 collection with two naked dancers and a coat made from wigs. Sounds interesting? It definitely shouldn’t be missed.
We ended our visit with an unforgettable film by GARETH PUGH, presenting his autumn / winter 09 collection. Using just one model, Natasha V, the film combined a dramatic soundtrack alongside a series of emphatic images and digitally manipulated effects. Showcasing Pugh’s creative vision in a truly outstanding piece of film, it acted as the perfect end to one of the most inspiring exhibitions I have seen all year.
Watch Gareth Pugh's film at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C_LMYdKzWY
SHOWstudio – FASHION REVOLUTION is running until December 20th 2009


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