Sunday, 29 November 2009

You can always judge a person by their shoes

London and Berlin-based photographers Kate Bellm and Dylan Donv are the visionary artists behind their new exhibition “In their Shoes”, currently showing at Galerie M. H. Karst in Paris. With an eye for an interesting photo the pair were inspired by a pub carpet that was, you guessed it, covered in shoes. They then set to work snapping the footwear of models, friends, homeless people, strippers, celebrities and even Prince Michael of Kent’s tassled brogues. Dylan says, “It could be someone close to us, or a total stranger. It doesn't matter as long as the picture is interesting. The great thing is that if you shoot a stranger’s or a celebrity’s feet at some party, they don’t even realize or care, because it’s not in their face. For the "In Their Shoes" coffee-table book I want each picture to give the name of the person, the shoe brand, location and the date. I think it’s interesting to see who used to wear what and where. Imagine in 15 years time you will see a shoe picture of Madonna in front of some restaurant in New York and you will be saying "Yack!", was she really wearing those horrendous shoes?”.
The exhibition is running until the 30th November, 30 rue de Malte, in the 11th arrondissement)
For more of Dylan and Kate's work go to;

Stars in the making

Shot by Matt Irwin for Dazed, this short video celebrates a host of the young and sexy Brit Pack who are marked as the next big thing in film. Watch out for Skins actors Kaya Scodelario (Effy)and Nicholas Hoult (Tony).

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Audrey forever

"All the responsibility for the way Audrey looked is hers. She made the selections.”

I am more than a little excited to hear that 30 dresses from my ultimate fave's wardrobe, Miss Audrey Hepburn are going to be auctioned off in December as part of Kerry Taylor’s Passion for Fashion event. Lucky buyers can snap up one of Audrey's Valentino cocktail dresses, an Elizabeth Arden gown she wore when she met her first husband Mel Ferrer and pieces by her all-time favourite designer and friend, Hubert de Givenchy. The only thing to ruin such a truly momentous occasion would be if Mrs Beckham (or Cheryl Cole for that matter) decided to buy themselves an early Christmas present. Rumour has it that the ex-Spice girl, turned designer has pre-ordered the lot catalogue. Somehow I don’t think Audrey would have approved of wags in fake tan.
The auction will be held at La Galleria in Pall Mall on the 8th of December.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The mighty M & S

Traditionally known as the home of fuddy-duddy clothing, sensible underwear and nice knits, Marks and Spencer has never been at the height of cutting-edge fashion. So, on a recent shopping trip with my mum I wasn’t filled with joy when she asked if we could have a browse around. Even with Twiggy, Erin and Lily giving the brand a glamorous marketing boost, I still couldn’t shake the image of dowdy twin sets and sensible pants. Much to my surprise I left with a beautiful faux-fur coat and super-soft knit for a little under £100! A bargain and dare I admit it, (I’m turning into my mother) very good quality. Marks and Sparks, I’ll be seeing you very soon.


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