Thursday, 18 November 2010

Organic Surge

This week ethical skincare company Organic Surge invited a handful of bloggers to a formal introduction of their all-natural products. Luckily I was one of them and as a lover of all things chemical-free I jumped at the chance. Prosecco in hand and mini pizza in the other, we listened to founder Alan Mackenzie talk us through the delicious smelling range of beauty products. Spiced-lily bubble bath, soothing face masks and luscious night creams are just a few of the gorgeous pieces on offer, and they come with a pretty nice price tag to boot. Currently they’re offering £10 cash back on any three products purchased in Boots. All you have to do is follow the link and Bob’s your uncle, a bunch of fabulous new products to get you all buffed up in time for Christmas.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Farewell New York

You were amazing. Thanks for having me

Friday, 12 November 2010

BlackWhiteWoodandLeather: Liberty

If you're sick of me, read this brand spanking new blog for inspiration on design, fashion and all things stylish in London.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Beer & Burgers = happy times

Tonight I went for dinner at Spitzer's on the Lower East side and ate what was probably the best burger I've ever had. We sat along benches on long communal tables and the waitress bugged us every 5 minutes for more beer orders, so I kind of felt a bit peer-pressured to binge drink. Oh well, when in Rome..or New York for that matter.

We then went on to a very cool little bar called the Cake Shop, which although sounds very twee, played hard rock and had racks of vintage records stacked along the walls. So tomorrow is my last night in the big city, but I'm going out with a bang in the West Village followed by a hangover and an overnight flight.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

So I got lost on the way to work today but saw some pretty amazing views on route from Manhattan to Queens..

After shopping in Soho and a few drinks downstairs with a friend from London, I came back to my room to find yet more homemade cookies and folded pyjamas. Bliss. P.s I may not come back.

Monday, 8 November 2010

A few more New York pics that I haven't uploaded yet. The guy below was blind and sat on a bench in a park in Tribeca with a sign that read 'is anyone wearing one of those hats with arrows on it?' In answer to his question, no there wasn't but I wish there was.

I just discovered this amazing vintage shop opposite my hotel on Rivington street after having dinner at Bruschetteria. They have everything from Pringle, Celine, Ralph Lauren and Valentino. I've spied an amazing necklace with an Art Deco pendant and quite a few very tempting leather satchels..

I'm still suffering from jetlag I think so have returned back to my hotel to find some homemade cookies on my pillow. Now I don't get this at home.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The perfect sunday to sightsee

Woah what a day. My feet are aching and I'm dying for a cup of tea but there's no kettle in the hotel room so I'm going to have to go without. The clocks went back in New York last night and combined with the jetlag, I've been awake since 4am. I got up at 7 and headed over to Katz deli as planned, where I accidentally stumbled onto a film set, quickly realising that all the people around me were extras. I quickly got out of the way and popped into Katz where I had pancakes, sausage and coffee. As one of the last big delis on the Lower East Side it doesn't disappoint with old-school neon signs and a host of famous faces plastered all over the walls. (It's also famous for Meg Ryan's climax scene in 'When Harry Met Sally').

With a full belly and a warm heart I headed over to the Rockefeller center where I took a trip to the observation deck to take in the amazing views. It was a beautfiul morning so the perfect day to view the city at its finest. Built during the height of the great Depression in the 1930s this huge building helped many local people get back on their feet, providing over 70,000 people with jobs after its opening.

I was on a bit of a high after the epic views, (and I was quite impressed at how easily I got there), so I headed over to Central Park to try and catch a glimpse of the marathon runners. I was in luck and managed to see the runners cross the line with a very dramatic police escort.

I then took a walk through the leafy park, passing the ice rink and the numerous pretty ponds that were so picturesque I could have sat there all day.

I took this picture just because I liked their silly dogs.

From Central Park I took the subway to Times Square where I grabbed a hotdog and browsed around a few shops. I wasn't really in the retail mood, not that I had much of a choice - a retained debit card does wonders for your bank balance.

After the hustle and bustle of Times Square I headed over towards Ground Zero. The cavity that the disatour caused is vast and it's hard to belive that the building came down with so many others so close by.

From there I walked through the financial district and along to Battery Park to take in the Hudson River and an iconic Statue of Liberty. This was my favourite part of the day and where I saw the most 'real' New Yorkers. There were lots of people chilling out on the grass and even more people walking their dogs along the river, and who could blame them with views like this.

On my walk along the river I stumbled across this seating area that was occupied by these little guys.

Tired and pretty chilly I decided to head back to the hotel, so I took a walk through Tribeca, grabbed a coffee and hopped back on the subway. I'm off out for some food at the Fried Dumpling later on Allen Street, so enjoy the photos and good night.

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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 1

So, I've arrived in the Big Apple. Started off rather badly when I went to buy my train ticket from Paddington to Heathrow and the woman at the cash desk told me she had to retain my card. It was a bit of a 'computer says no' instance where she didn't understand that if she took my card, I WOULDN'T HAVE ANY MONEY!!. I like to think of this as the gods of fate sticking two fingers up at me in order to keep me on my toes. "Oh you didn't think we'd make it this easy did you!" I hear them cry.
The train manager took pity me on me and let me on the train for free and I managed to wangle some dollars from the airport courtesy of my boyfriends borrowed credit card. It's still a bit too early to joke about it but I'm sure I may see the funny side in a couple of days..or years. Once landed I spent nearly an hour and a half in the queue for passport control but enjoyed a pretty amazing sunset on my way into Manhattan. In UK time its midnight right now, but New York are lagging behind at 8pm so I'm trying to keep my eyes open until at least 9' o clock. Big day ahead tomorrow so going to lay on my enormous bed (did I forget to mention), watch Dumb and Dumber and wake refreshed for my day of sightseeing tomorrow. Good night.

Friday, 5 November 2010

New York New York

So tomorrow will be a momentual day in my life. It will be the day that I travel to New York to work, as a writer. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.
I'm staying on the Lower East Side, which I'm told by the lonely planet is the Shoreditch of New York. (I will never be free of the scensters). I'm expecting twat hats and jazzy vintage jumpers and lots of people with silly small dogs. (I may be mistaken but this is just my initial impression). Then I'm off to Queens to work where I'm told not to expect anything remotely healthy for lunch and that's about all I know. I have a full day to myself on the Sunday so I plan to visit Katz Diner for a full-blown and calorific American breakfast to prepare me for a full day of tourist activity. I want to visit Ground Zero, the Empire State, the Rockefeller and maybe take a ferry around the Statue Of Liberty followed by a few shops and maybe a show. Do you think I'll manage it all? I'll give it a good old try. I'll be blogging while I'm away so leave me suggestions of places to visit and I'll see if I can fit them in..Wish me luck.


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