Monday, 26 July 2010

B is for....?

So, the first date was a roaring success. I am so impressed with the effects of our Al Fresco date that I’m thinking of putting this idea to the Government as a nationwide incentive to minimize divorce. That said, I really shouldn’t tempt fate, there is after all another 25 dates to go. Below are a few pretty good and some not so good suggestions by a few dear friends..

Boat ride
Brisk walk
Banjo strumming

Must dash I’m off to scan the B section of the dictionary….


Saturday, 24 July 2010

A is for Al Fresco

So today was D-day, the first date in our alphabetical adventure of London. I was told not to dress too nicely and to bring a bikini. Alarm bells immediately started to ring and I promptly warned Antonio that if he thought taking me to one of those Turkish spas/ brothels was a good idea then he was most definitely mistaken.
My worries subsided when he produced a ready-made picnic of mini Scotch eggs, hummus, crisps and cucumber and my favourite fizzy pink wine. We were off to a good start, so we took the tube, departing at a very sunny and vibrant Hampstead Heath. Pleased at the location, I was simply expecting a few bubbles and snacks in the park, but I was alarmed to learn that we were going to take part in some Al Fresco swimming at the communal outdoor ponds.
The area was packed with bikini-clad women and brave men who jumped straight into the murky water. Without a moment to sit down and take in the challenge, I was ordered to undress and get straight in. ‘You are not expecting me to jump in that dirty water are you?’ I said. ‘Stop moaning,’ Antonio said, ‘come on’.
So I stood on the side for about 5 minutes, dipping my toe in the water and scowling at Antonio who was already swimming around shivering whilst trying to convince me that it was really warm. Eventually I took the plunge but it was bloody freezing so I lasted about 30 seconds..30 seconds too long in my eyes but it certainly sorted out the beginnings of a cold I had coming.
After our rather brief dip in the pool we set off to enjoy our picnic in the sunshine, stuffing our faces with cous cous, chip-sticks and chocolate sundaes, whilst enjoying a blissful afternoon of relaxing in the long grassy meadow.
So, as far as the first date goes the Italian has set a pretty high standard of originality – now all I have to do is think of something to do with B....

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Alphabet Soup

After being with my boyfriend, Antonio for nearly five years now (blimey), I decided that things needed a bit of a shake up. So, after speaking to some well-advised fashion girls at work, I was given the idea of Alphabet dating. No, it’s not some kind of swinger’s sorority but a way of getting your other half to be a bit more original when it comes to romance. Starting at the beginning, Mr ‘ I’ve taken you for granted’, must think of some fabulous place to wine and dine you or otherwise sweep you off your feet, seamlessly working their way through the alphabet each week. This idea has now been put to the so-called Italian romancer and I will be updating you each week to let you know how the idea pans out. Watch this space…

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I've just been hand-delivered the latest Italian Vogue, so I may be occupied for a while. In the mean time look to Ga Ga for a little mid-week inspiration.

Image Nicola Formichetti

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Mad Men

I’m fully aware that I’m a little slow on the uptake here, but Mad Men is my new love of the summer. Brimming with style and packed full of unbelievably sexy women and slick-suited men, the show couldn’t be more addictive. The story is based around a group of highly paid and egotistical advertising executives, whose lives revolve around dutiful wives, glamorous mistresses and long martini lunches. But forget the men for just a second, the true stars are the women of the series and their incredible wardrobes. Take a look and become as hooked as I am..


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