Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fantasy dressing

I like to play an imaginary game with my fashion office pals which never fails to cause a debate. Imagine the dilemma: You've won a competition, you lucky, lucky girl and for the rest of your very fashionable life you will be able to choose 6 key pieces each season from one designer of your choice. So, who would it be? No, take your time. Don't rush in with the hottest designer of the moment. The collection must have longevity and if they stop designing, tough. Your prize will be forfeited. Boo.

The line needs to be versatile enough to see you from day to day whilst including show-stopping evening pieces and classic styles that you will still love in your fifties. Tough isn't it? Imagine strutting to the shops in skin-tight Balmain jeans and a bold-shouldered jacket. Fierce for now yes, but would you still want to rock a mirrored bodycon dress when your 40? Maybe not.

My partner in crime chose YSL as her poison. A good choice I thought. It took her nearly a week to decide, and I was impressed with how serious she approached the challenge. Now all I need is someone to actually run the competition.

Here are a few of my key pieces that I would choose if money were no object and I lived on a yacht in St Tropez. My designer of choice? Lanvin of course. Who would you choose?

"The whole idea of fashion is to make women fly, to make women beautiful, and to make women glamorous".
Albar Elbaz.

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Number Nine said...

That is SUCH a tough question! Maybe Bottega. Maybe Chanel. Actually who am I kidding? ALWAYS Chanel!


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