Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Domestic Goddess in training

It might be a sign that I'm getting older but when I chose to buy a rather luxurious cushion over a cashmere cardigan in the sale this week, I surprised myself at the homebody I've become. Not only have I started to invest in expensive candles, Daschund-print cushions and most of Habitat's stock, my penchant for crockery has taken on a life of its own.

It started with the pretty teapot, milk jug and sugar pot that my mum snapped up at a church bring-and-buy sale. Beautifully painted and antique-like in appearance if not reality, it’s the perfect way to do tea and cakes for friends with ladylike finesse.

This Christmas my boyfriend earned himself extra brownie points by buying me this gorgeous Art Deco delight from Anthropologie. It now takes pride of place in my kitchen on a strict look-don't-touch basis.


I found this little blue-and-white trio at a stall in Columbia road. I bought them from a elderly man who sells bric-a-brac just off the main street, and I absolutely love them. I once caught my housemate offering them to his friends to take shots of vodka from. It. did. not. go. down. well. Bloody imbecile.

My old housemate told me that this little fella was her favourite piece of my collection. Again, it was found in the depths of a jumble sale in my village back home in Nottingham.

Finally, this lovely teacup and saucer set was again a lovely Christmas present from one of my best friends. It's too pretty to drink out of (and I'm running out of space), so it's become a place to display delicate jewellery.

My kitchen is rather on the compact side, so I’m limited to how many delicate porcelain coffee cups and kitsch pieces I can have, but it doesn’t stop me looking. I’ve recently discovered Clare Hartley, a ceramic artist who creates the prettiest cobalt-blue and white porcelain sets. I have already phantom-shopped the whole site. Now if you do excuse me, I'm off to make a well deserved cuppa.




Number Nine said...

SO weird I JUST did a post on tea and pretty tea cups! Very jealous of your very lovely collection x

Cat Hufton said...

I just read it. Lovely post. BFs parents were given a set of Swarovski-trimmed teacups for Christmas and I absolutely loved them. The perfect way to sip a bit of ginger and lemon in style. x


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