Monday, 4 May 2009

An update...eventually!

The other day my housemate sent me a cartoon sketch of a little man with the words “We’ve been talking and we think you need to update your blog!” So, I took it as a subtle hint and decided to pull my finger out.
The irony is that the reason I haven’t written for months is that I have been working my arse off, in my quest to become a writer. So much so, I haven’t had time to do a spot of writing.
After tirelessly working all the hours I could manage to support a fashion internship, I got an interview. Both made me sweat so profusely that I had to buy a new top and I think I nearly overdosed on Rescue Remedy. In hindsight, I don’t think you’re supposed to take the lid off and neck the stuff.
And then...I actually got the job. It took about a fortnight for the news to sink in and even after that I was convinced they’d made a terrible mistake. Paranoid, neurotic, irrational? Me? No never.
So after talking about it for what seems like forever I moved to London, did my course and got a job. Phew!! I’m glad that’s all over.
I made no secret of the fact that I didn’t really like London at first. After living in a city like Sheffield for so long you take the friendliness, good friends and comfortable social scene for granted. Most people are grounded, pretty affable and very in tune with the community around them. Moving to London is like being smacked around the face with a cold, unfriendly fish.
In February I moved from Clapham and in to the heart of the East end. And, I feel like l I have finally found a part of London that I really love. I can browse around Brick lane at the weekend, and buy flowers and trinkets from Columbia Road. There’s Broadway market around the corner where I buy handmade jewellery, fresh food and veg and vintage clothes. The vibe around there is very cool and I like the friendly atmosphere. And if I’m feeling a bit too homesick there’s always Hackney City farm.

It seems a colleague of mine wrote about my lack of interesting perspective. Have a read:

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