Saturday, 16 May 2009

London loves Lycra

I don’t remember her the first time round but I hear Pam Hogg, designer and member of the Hoggdoll’s, is doing some pretty nifty 80s gear down at her newly opened store on Newburgh Street in Soho.
Known for her rebellious fashion sense in the 70s and 80s, Hogg returned to London fashion week last February with her first catwalk show in ten years. Combining rock ‘n’ roll with a twist of punk her collection didn’t disappoint with skintight bodysuits, backcombed hair, fluorescent Lycra and glitter platforms.
The new store sits just a few yards away from her original 80s location, promising printed I-con T-shirts, revival pieces and of course, the Hoggdoll’s latest CD. I was pretty gutted to have missed the opening. The London Paper printed the date wrong, so thank you TLP for ruining my chance of meeting a fashion legend!

Watch the LFW show here

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