Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Now we’re nearing the end of the summer, there’s a distinctly Autumnal feeling around the fashion office. Everyone’s investing in their winter coverups, in a style not to dissimilar to a new school term. New coat, new start and hoorah, those pasty legs can go back into hiding. After discussing back-to-school uniforms this morning we all discovered that Clark’s Magic Shoes were the coolest thing to be seen in during our childhoods. I remember how much I wanted to own a pair of these magical, shimmering shoes, not to mention the peer-pressure I suffered prior to my annual uniform shopping trip. Complete with a hidden key embossed into the sole, these were the shoes of every little girl’s dreams and no other style would do. After much whining and “please, please, please, I’ll do anything!” my mum succumbed and bought me my very own pair. I was as pleased as a child could be and remember how paranoid I was at scuffing their glossy patent finish. Nothing much has changed in my mid-twenties, only I have to buy my own shoes now and the price tag just keeps on rising. Rewind your style dial and watch this retro Clark’s ad below..


Bridge said...

I fuckin loved those shoes! LOVED.
Never got a pair.
I'm glad you found that advert, I remember it soooooo well!!

Check out the latest happenings Catherine, you're sure to be surprised, and impressed may I dare add.

x x

moore_rhian said...

I remember being so jealous of my big sister who had a pair of these...but I was a bit of a tomboy and it went against my I of course had the boys version...which were just as fun (if not better!) they had a silver ball maze game on the sole...which certainly eased the pain of assemblies!!!!

Cat Hufton said...

I'm confused by your blog, is the last post the pizza? do you want to make a cake together and you can document it? x


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