Monday, 9 August 2010

B is for beer, bowling and Brick Lane

Last night was the long-awaited B date and the Italian and I ran to Brick Lane to go bowling and drink beer. No we weren’t jogging but running late after spending rather a middle-aged afternoon doing DIY and planting flowers in our new hanging baskets. We headed to All Star Lanes which for those of you not in the East End is a ‘50s-style bowling and diner experience. With neon lights, booming pop music and beer on tap it’s rather a fun night out. We were quick to realise that we’re both rubbish at bowling (I’m better on the Wi), so we took to the food hall to eat our own bodyweight in bbq’d meat. We ordered baby-back ribs, roast chicken, fries and coleslaw. With full bellies and a well-earned beer, the date had been a success and there wasn’t a pond in sight. New rule for future dates; must be on dry land.

Notes to forget: Antonio’s mid-meal declaration of, ‘damn it, I’m missing Top Gear’, ‘i don’t really like bowling’ and ‘that waitress should be a model’. Hmmmm. 24 more dates to go..

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