Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter inspiration

After spending the weekend gorging on Easter eggs, hot cross buns and home-cooked meals, I came across a dusty collection of CDs and videos in my old bedroom in Nottingham. Through the ancient TLC, Destiny’s Child and No Doubt albums, I was reminded of the initial reasons I found a love for fashion and style. I still remember how in awe I was of Gwen Stefani in that black and white polka dot dress in her ‘Don’t Speak’ video or how long me and my friends spent arguing over who got to be Baby Spice in our living room Spice Girl's tribute – poor parents had to sit through ten minutes of wailing, high-kicking and zig-a-zig-aahs. Cringe! So who was it that got your imagination running when you were growing up? Here are a few of my personal highlights.

Who didn't rush out and buy a pair of baggy cargo pants and Timberland boots?

Me and my best friend watched this film so many times the video broke. She was Dion and I was Cher!

Natalie Imbruglia with her inimitable sense of cool.

No one rocks a bob like Karen O!

I will never forget this iconic Spice Girl's performance at the Brits!

Another girl group flying the 'Girl Power' flag - Destiny's Child

Caterina or Cat as she was called, was the reason I shortened my name.

I defy anyone to challenge Alex Mac's impressive hat collection!

Feisty trio, TLC.

and finally, the ultimate style icon, Gwen Stefani and her band No Doubt.

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hannah said...

my oh my! were you ever with us at lunch walking back from the chip shop when we used to sing never ever but take a word each, seeign who let the side down by forgetting the nxt lyric?

have to agree with gwen - an ever evolving icon. I had forgotten about Alex Mac though...might have to track down an old episode now!

I'm having a boring day at work so I think I'll be off down memory lane now...



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