Friday, 5 August 2011

Man Repelling

Here at the fashion office we are completely smitten (obsessed) with blogger extrordinaire, The Man Repeller. She is the sunshine to our rainy Mondays, the jewel in our crowns, the Karl in our Chanel. You get the picture. We like her a lot. In a sea of self-promoting bloggers who take themselves just a little bit too seriously, TMR is one smokin’ breath of fresh air.
After checking her blog for about the fourth time this week, I decided to get my fashion pals involved in a bit of our very own man repelling. The aim isn’t to look repellent as such, but to look the way you want, without the hope of catching the eye of the builders down the road or getting the approval of the discerning bf. So, take a look at my very stylish co-workers rocking harem pants, acid-green nails and blingin’ trophy jackets - all in the spirit of the completely bonkers but ever so cool MR. Well worth an Arm Party salute in my opinion.

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