Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Her name was Coco

A Saturday afternoon film is always a treat, and one involving fashion and my fave, Audrey Tautou was one not to be missed. The Times review treated Anne Fontaine’s Coco before Chanel with suspicion and accused it of scraping the surface, which I must admit it did. It did however, show the feisty Gabrielle Bonheur for Chanel SS09. nicknamed Coco, as a fierce feminist who wanted more than a shallow marriage and mundane life. A love story at best, Coco before Chanel documents the rags-to-riches story of a fashion legend, and if nothing else highlights how fashion forward her thinking really was. When women of the time were wearing uncomfortable skirts to ride their horses sideways, Coco borrowed men's pants and jumped on like a man. She swerved the fussy, hoar look of the era, opting to make her own elegant but plain designs. I came away a little disappointed with the film, but definitely not in the back-story to a designer that clearly deserves her place as a huge influence on 20th-century fashion.

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