Thursday, 4 June 2009

Blogging is the new black

Susie Bubble

If you haven’t got a blog of some sort, you really need to sort it out and get with the times. At work today I exchanged blog addresses with three of the girls I work with, and not one of them disappointed me. Their blogs led me to find out that my desk companion is a secret DJ, one has a flare for making videos and the other has the eye of a magpie when it comes to finding the most random delights on the web.
A blog is a creative platform for all the things you’d like to write about, but editorial jobs generally don’t cater for. You can experiment, refine your personal writing style and learn from your fellow bloggers. If you’re really good you can make like Susie Bubble and form a pretty successful fashion journalism career from the luxury of your bedroom.
Never underestimate the power of the blog...The cyber world is your oyster!


Freelance Fashionista said...

I love your blog! To think that when we were told we had to write them none of us could think of anything to write!

I think you make a very good point, a blog is such a personal thing and I love being able to just post something whenever I'm inspired, without having to pitch my ideas to anyone...

Cat Hufton said...

Thank you. Glad you like it. Yours is brill too..Blogging power!!


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