Monday, 1 December 2008

Steve J & Yoni P

Drawing inspiration from architecture and fine art, Steve J and Yoni P presented a collection that incorporated sculptural frames and structural silhouettes this season. Elaborate origami-like pleats, folds and ruffled embellishment featured on tailored pencil skirts, columnar dresses or babydoll styles exaggerated by caged skirts.

English wool was juxtaposed with Italian silk, arriving in a palette that took influence from Danish painter Asger Jorn: orange, pink, blue and white formed the base, while a futuristic metallic mesh in both gold and silver acted as an accent.

Known for their eclectic styling, models were sent down the runway clutching stuffed toys and baskets of flowers, while butterflies and oversized spheres hung on their heads and off their hair, further cementing a feeling for the brand's trademark of modern quirkiness combined with cultural reference.

Written for Fashion Network site

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